A common misunderstanding of proper gasket installation.

Many newbies and even a few experienced maintenance techs think that if a flange leaks, its the gaskets fault.  Well, unless it was the wrong material, not torqued properly with the correct bolt load, or somehow not aligned within the flanges or the flanges or sealing area are mis-aligned, or lastly,,, damaged during install, it's not the gaskets fault. 
Sometimes those aforementioned individuals think that if one gasket leaks, using two would be even better.
They're wrong.
Gaskets are engineered in the highest degree to be suitable for various fluids and chemicals at certain temperatures and pressures.
The most common misconception of proper gasket installation is that the installers think they can skip any of the proper steps and insure they have a good seal.
In upcoming blogs- we will discuss those steps....Stay Tuned!

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